Young and valuable

The right team gives business great prospects. Companies are looking for employees, people are looking for work.

But a special stream is observed in positions that are usually occupied by beginners, inexperienced, young specialists. These are not the most prestigious positions, but a lot depends on them – they often contact the company’s customers directly and constantly, being for them the “face” of the organization and directly affect customer satisfaction.

Who they are?

Coordinators, merchandisers, call center staff, consultants – these employees must be loyal to the employer.

So, what can be done to motivate young employees?

1. It is important to have a positive corporate culture.
Your company may be small and have an unknown brand, but also attractive for young employees. Show that your company supports drive and positive. A friendly team, training, career prospects – everything will attract employees and make them more loyal, even if the salaries are not the highest.

2. An understandable system of payments and rewards.
What goals do you need to achieve in order to get a bonus? How is the bonus calculated, is it possible to work at the weekend? There should be a clear answer to such questions already at the interview stage. It is possible to encourage additional days for vacation, free schedule of work.

3. Comfortable organization of work.
Flexible schedule, the ability to work from home, to work hours in the evening or on weekends – a huge advantage! Apply automation, simplify daily business and always be for mobility and technology. Let your employees work behind their computers; provide people with corporate tablets.

4. Your own “chip”.
Corporate hockey team, its own social network, medical care, trainings, discounts on products – you can create as many “chips” as you want.
Of course, there is no clear “recipe” for what to do to make young professionals happy and sincere about the benefits of doing business with you. But the loyalty of the employees always increases when people see that the company is trying to do more good and useful things for them.