Three important facts about the effects of automation on your employees

Motivation and enjoyment of work do not depend directly on income or position, so that the cleaning staff, for example, can be happier than the heads of department. Have you ever met people who complain that they have lost the desire to work, can hardly get out of bed in the morning and almost see their working day as a punishment? There are many such people, especially among office employees.

Knowing some peculiarities of human psychology, you can help yourself and your employees to feel a new wave of enthusiasm at work. The magic wand for this is nothing other than automation.

1. It is possible to automate many processes in a company

Each task will have a different employee responsible for the result. Colleagues will be able to see the whole process work cycle and understand that until a certain step is taken, it is impossible to make the next one. Understanding how each employee’s work affects the others, the team becomes more efficient. Nobody wants to slow down the overall process.

2. The habit of keeping a diary is no longer old-fashioned

All kinds of diaries and performance charts over the past 15 years are already experiencing another wave of popularity. Positive psychological mood, eating habits, money expenses, sports activities are the only things people do not write about. This is most often done solely for themselves in order to see progress, to improve quality of life and to improve results.

3. With the help of automation, the functionality of reports in the system helps to see how many tasks have been completed and by whom.

The employee has the opportunity to see a list of completed tasks, and managers can display key performance indicators for teams by their number.