The key questions when choosing an automation system

A significant mistake during the implementation of the software is the lack of control by the customer. Therefore, for the best communication with the integrator company, it is better to have the same person who will be well informed about all the changes during the implementation of the system at the company. The vendor company, in turn, should provide the most optimal solution for the company, taking into account its individual needs, with a detailed explanation of each module.

The key questions when choosing a vendor company:

– presence of a software license;
– certificates of quality for hardware;
– duration of work in the specialized market;
– well-established process of technical support and availability of specialists;
– availability of a clear interface;
– possibility of integration with accounting systems;
– possibility to extend and improve the functionality of the automation system;
– availability of test period of work with software;

Which businesses need automation?

Any business, no matter what its activity, size and structure requires the introduction of modern tools. Clear control over the company, the ability to quickly generate reports on expenses, balances, and cash flow is thus a catalyst for further development. Using this information, you will be able to analyze the processes that take place within the company, and if necessary, optimize them in time.

When choosing a software product, pay attention to:

– the possibility of integrating data from past automation systems;
– ease of introduction of new equipment into the system;
– keeping a complete history of document flow;
– reporting speed;
– integration with other management systems, modules and accounting systems;
– system security;

The automation system will work with maximum efficiency and full functionality only if properly integrated with the individual needs of the company in which it is implemented. Each of the employees who will interact with the system must have a good understanding of how the program works, so the training of staff requires special attention.
Automation of the company has long gone beyond prestige, it has become its “blood system” a real working mechanism that increases its efficiency and profits.