Should we automate processes? 

Should we automate processes?

Well, it’s not the best questions to ask.

A much better question would be: Which processes should we automate?

Any company has a number of processes that get them from point A to point B and for any business it’s important to get the most out of the available resources. Automation helps increase the efficiency of the business management and reduce the overall cost of running a company or executing certain tasks to achieve the established goals.

The industrial revolution gave the drive for the automation of processes and transformed the world from an agricultural into an industrial one.

There is a general belief that with the growth of productivity, automation also increases.

Efficient and sustainable action 

One of the most important aspect of business process automation is that it makes the company act more efficient and sustainable. With today’s possibilities technology any business can benefit from this.

But the reality is that most administrative processes, are in fact only partially automated or not automated at all. And we are wasting an incredible amount of time. Between 30% and 45% of the time required to complete the tasks is wasted.

We must use our time efficiently, because wasting time brings us no benefits. After all, we can’t regain our time back, once it’s gone.



Everything is just a matter of perspective

We would all be better off: in terms of family, in terms of organization, and even in terms of our health if we could work effectively, and we would not waste our time.

With the full automation of administrative processes, we can complete all tasks in the shortest possible time.

There is no benefit in wasting time. All we have to do, is start moving forward, with the latest automation technology.