Employees are often afraid that they could become superfluous for the company if the operating instructions are good. Is this fear justified?

Absolutely not! Only those who are unable to make a contribution should worry.

With or without operating instruction.

Employees should understand that any information stored in the company, regardless of format, is significantly valuable. After all, it is the careful study of this information that increases the competence of employees and thus ensures reliability and continuous growth.

Only by learning and understanding new information can a person develop certain skills, which makes him/her a competent and invaluable part of the company.

With new training skills, employees can effectively manage processes and thus ensure the competitiveness of the company in the marketplace.

Think of knowledge as building a solid and stable foundation for your house.

All knowledge obtained from information stored in your company is the basis for the successful completion of any work.

Are there any employees in your company who are not willing to share their knowledge?

An important point that many do not pay attention to is the exchange of information.

The more your employees exchange information, the more skills they learn.

Explain to your employees that only by sharing information can each of them become an expert.

What happens if the employee is absent? What if your employee is on holiday or on sick leave?

Your company should be able to find a solution to this challenge also in the absence of certain employees.
If any information in your company is well documented, then even in an emergency, your employees can simply achieve their goals in a short time and thus make your customers happy.


Those who share knowledge not only gain additional experience but also become valuable and important parts of the company.