More strength for business!

Productive work of the one who has a lot of energy. If you have the strength, you can direct it to focus, not to be distracted, to think fast – and as a result enjoy the work. If you don’t have the strength, you are trying to do something, business moves slowly, and you feel like a slave.

To look better, to feel rested and cheerful is to have more energy for business and new achievements

What does everyone want without exception? Let’s say what we’ve all heard a hundred times before, and still don’t do. But maybe the one hundred and first attempt will work after all.

1. Plan the day in advance and summarize. You can do it on paper, you can do it in your mind: at breakfast, think about what you need to do for the day, and go to bed and ask yourself, what did you do at the end?

2. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Many business people, managers and just busy employees donate their time to sleep in an effort to buy more time. This is unproductive. While you are sleeping, your brain writes information into your long-term memory and thinks about the challenges it faces.

3. In the morning – some water and food. Before drinking coffee, take a glass of water. And do not go to work hungry.

4. Play with routine. This is an interesting psychological technique that reduces the degree of seriousness at work and, strangely enough, increases productivity. Try to treat the processes as a living creature or a game. For example, if you have a lot of mail, name your e-mail box Kate and make an audience with Kate every three hours, not more often.
Do you need to write a boring article or a report? Agree with yourself that every day you will write 15 sentences, and then immediately reward yourself with something.

5. Get introduced to yourself. Follow yourself as if from the outside and find out at what time your head works best; what habits seem pleasant and actually take away your energy; what sport attracts you.
It’s hard to sit in an office for 8-9 hours – work from home. The home office is supported by many companies.

Less routine, more automation

Make the most of useful IT solutions and applications. Both at home and at work.

Whether you’re managing a department or an entire company, automate as many processes as possible with your employees on a daily basis. This can include negotiating contracts, making travel arrangements, finding new employees, making souvenirs or business cards, and more.

Thanks to the possibilities of automation unnecessary actions are removed, the processes are as simple as possible.