Many small steps instead of large infrequent jumps

Even if the last business year was excellent, even if you should be the market leader by now and especially if you find that everything is actually going well: The market is constantly on the move, your competitors are not asleep and many improvements take time – so every day you think about how you can improve a little bit more.

No one is an all-knowing genius, so if you’re looking for ideas for improvement, listen to your employees and customers.

Always have an open ear – this way you create continuous improvements and signal interest to customers and employees. Both of these things will promote motivation and loyalty within your company.

Nobody likes big changes. 

It is better to take small steps often.

That way, everyone will follow, and mistakes will have much less effect and can be corrected very quickly.

And last but not least: 

It is simply great to work in a company that gets a little better every day!