Making use of the potential of the employees

How can your employees share their knowledge and experience?

It has been proven that the success of a company largely depends on the motivation of its employees. The more motivated the employees are and their involvement in the various processes, the more successful the company will be. Motivation of employees is difficult to measure, but what you can measure are the innovations and inventions brought forward for improvement made by employees. The higher the number of these, the higher the motivation of the employees.

If you do not use your employees, you are wasting not only your time but also the potential of your staff!

Apply the following points to your company and you will not only make better use of your employee’s potential, but also increase their motivation!

Do your employees have the opportunity to directly contribute suggestions for improvement?

This does not only mean that the employees express their suggestions only to their superior, but to all persons involved in the process.

Do not make decisions exclusively with your managers, instead actively involve your employees in the decision-making process. Your employees are very engaged, but often they don’t have the courage to share their great ideas. When the employees can take part, it increases motivation and loyalty to the company. In addition, you gain a lot of potential because you listen to the opinions of your employees. The more valuable the work is to you, the more willing you are to invest your precious time in it.

Do you let your employees write down the different processes in your company themselves?

It has many advantages because any employee can apply the knowledge gained much better if it is documented. Also, the writer deepens his/her knowledge on the topic. Therefore, you should encourage them to write down as many processes/instructions as possible.

Make sure that your templates for the processes are easy to edit in order to reduce the hurdles of adaptation and to keep your documentation as close to reality as possible.

Do all your employees have responsibilities?

Our experience has shown that almost all employees of a company are happy to take on additional responsibilities. Therefore, it is better if you give them the opportunity to make meaningful suggestions for improvement. In this way your employees will develop professionally and personally.


Utilize the experience of your employees by offering them a platform on which they can write down their processes. Give them the responsibility to discuss and implement the ideas for improvement in your company.