Look at the goal and go for it. The digital transformation begins with small steps.

Digital transformation is a global process, the importance of which is obvious to everyone: it changes consumer models, markets, customer needs, “turns” business strategy by 180°.

The progress of digitalization is unequal in different industries and regions: banks and telecoms are considered to be ahead of the planet. In manufacturing industries, too, there are fantastic examples of digital technology applications. And even companies, whose business is not directly related to them, choose them as the only survival tactic in a world where without a “figure” it is no longer possible to imagine either work or rest.

The transformation of the whole organizational structure can be started with the minimum: to rethink the basics of work and to start automating one of the departments. If you are the head of a division or department, let’s assume that this is your company. Let’s start with a soft transformation, and focus on a few points that can play a crucial role in whether you’re going to succeed.

Digital transformation and automation should be a priority for every day. Daily you can spend an hour working exclusively on this topic and always notice in passing those processes or tasks that can be automated in the near future or in the next years.

Talk to your colleagues and subordinates about which digitalization changes business and life for the better. It is very important to move beyond the conservatism typical of most team members. It is absolutely normal for people not to want to “break” what already works. But if you count the potential benefits for themselves, accepting change will be less stressful.

Start by implementing simple and universal systems. Employees will be able to determine for themselves which processes can be automated, and then create a process diagram. You do not need any technical knowledge to do this. The processes are divided into tasks, the performers are defined in advance and informed about deadlines.

Less confusion and coordination by mail, the result is faster business. Customers can also use the system (at the moment of placing an order or request without e-mail).

Transmit the positive experience of change to the whole company, and soon you will be surprised at the achieved progress!