The five main conclusions about robotic process automation problems

1. When you talk about RPA, you should monitor the work.

One of the first steps to successful automation is to understand where to begin. There are many factors that determine ROI from RPA, and many of them are labor intensive. So, to get the most benefits from automation, keep an eye on the labor.

2. Let RPA frees your day from monotony by automating repetitive processes.

The documentation needed to automate the process is very specific. Most automated processes are manual, repetitive and monotonic, such as removing data from reports and entering it into electronic tables. RPA can automate all these types of tasks and free you from tedious activities from your working day.

3. The most unexpected but important factor in the ROI of RPA is accuracy.

ROI is more than staff efficiency. RPA investment is made up of many factors, and the most important one is the accuracy that you can get from RPA.
The robot doesn’t make mistakes, which means that every report is 100% accurate, timely and done without external resources. There is no risk of error, and there is no space for maneuver needed to account for possible miscalculations.

4. Your RPA program should never have a negative impact on your business.

RPA produces two types of documentation: how it is and how it will be.
The “how it is” documentation is a step-by-step instruction to perform the process manually. Future documentation is step by step what the robot does to complete the process. Sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they are a few steps different if a process is modified when it is automated.
If something goes wrong with the software robot, you can always remove the documentation as it is and know exactly how to support the process manually while the robot is repairing. You should prepare the documentation and have an excellent support and monitoring team because the robot failure should not negatively affect your business.

5. Your team support and monitoring should consist of the strongest people that you have in RPA.

Often, organizations do not think about support and monitoring. However, when something goes wrong, you need the strongest people that you have to take responsibility for solving the problem to get it fixed as soon as possible.
Make automation support and monitoring the first and most important consideration.