Business proceses

What do you think about unautomated administrative processes?

In this post we will review the real processes in terms of their structure and the way they are documented.

Which processes exist in the company and how they function?

A process is a series of logically connected individual activities that are performed to achieve a specific business or operational goal.

Which processes are implemented in your company and are they documented?

Which processes take place regularly in your company, i.e. daily or even hourly? These processes need to be automated as much as possible. Make sure that you have the right level of automation. Too much benefit can have negative effects because you run the risk of not being able to intervene directly and in time in the processes.

You can automate everything you consider necessary! The remaining actions and instructions can be easily noted down in a suitable documentation system. And that’s it!

How do you currently present your processes?

Do you use Business Process Modeling Designer (BPMN) to make your processes visualized? Often these block schemes are very static, extensive, complex and, nevertheless, do not answer to all questions of employees and managers.

Use photos and videos instead to illustrate your processes and instructions, because they are much brighter and more attractive than block diagrams.

Do your instructions have a clear structure which can be defined over time?

What type of system do you use to store your instructions? Our experience has shown that nowadays it makes sense to store instructions in the online management system, as it is the easiest way to change and correct them. This way the information is always up to date and the employees have access from anywhere.