Avoid mix-ups – reduce time wasting 

How can you work more effectively and thus increase clarity in your everyday work?

You have probably already noticed that the company can work much more effectively if your employees are aware of the tasks they have to deal with.

But how can you ensure that everything runs smoothly, according to plan and that time is not wasted?

Basically, if your company is not working effectively, this will lead to unnecessary expenses. Moreover, the working time of the employees is wasted.

Many inaccuracies are caused by ambiguities, lack of information and unfulfilled agreements.It is important to note that your employees themselves don’t enjoy an inefficient working environment, because they also waste their own time.

So how can you avoid inaccuracies?

As discussed in the previous points, try to keep your documentation up to date and make sure that your employees have access to it. This is a very effective way to avoid inaccuracies.

Does each of your employees have quick access to the current documentation or is it not widely available?

Our experience shows that some employees write process instructions themselves, which of course improves their own day-to-day work enormously. But it would be much more useful for your company if all your employees could benefit from it.

Let all employees write process documentation together. This promotes team spirit and at the same time puts all employees on a level playing field. Continue this practice regularly, and pay close attention to how the documentation operates in combination with the interfaces.


Missing and incorrect documentation is an unnecessary waste of time and therefore money. Make sure that the documentation is always up-to-date and easily accessible to avoid this.