At home, as in the office

Organize distant team work

Many professions allow employees to work from a distant location in full or in part, and experienced professionals say with certainty: no matter where or when, it is important how, with what tools.

A distant work always involves restructuring the classical processes of setting tasks, the actual execution of tasks and, finally, control – these are three main points, which are complemented by a number of details. Special solutions – equipment, platforms, training and control technologies – will help in organizing home offices, facilitate both the management of a distant distributed team and the self-organization of people.

Advantages of the approach

The society has been adapting and getting used to the format of distant work for about twenty years, and today this process has entered a particularly accelerated phase, and everyone should be ready for it, because this is our business future.

Companies that have chosen the distance format and corporate mobility as their long-term strategy, win in profit, reduce costs, significantly increase the efficiency of business processes.

What is needed?

The whole team needs to be provided with computers, smartphones, printers, headsets, and mobile interfaces of the necessary solutions. In addition, if you are a manager, offer help and funds to those who need support in equipping the workplace at home.

Try to work through the issue of information security so that neither chiefs nor employees would be afraid of data leaks, as well as viruses, breakdowns and loss of corporate devices.

Move the maximum number of documents to shared access folders. This is necessary so that people can find any information themselves without asking anyone.

For efficiency

– Actively share your colleagues’ screen, make it a rule. Save time and instead of writing explanatory emails or just making a call, offer a video call immediately and turn on screen-share.
– Additional chat. Invite colleagues to discuss work in one chat room and personal issues in another. It is important for people to feel the team, and elements of simple human communication, jokes, harmless chatter are also needed. This is also part of the overall information flow.

The distant employees often communicate only with the manager and several other partners. But it is important to maintain broader connections in order to understand how the work of the team as a whole moves. Chats are very helpful in this. Of course, do not forget about regular general calls, it is best to do them twice a week at least. Frequent meetings are a real “absorber” of valuable human-hours.