4 obstacles that can be removed with the help of process automation

Today, companies are creating, hiring and filling new positions in constantly expanding departments faster than ever before.

For recruitment agencies it can be a complex task to define the best candidates, their promotion and placement.

Managing a database, planning interviews and managing endless paperwork are just some of the time-consuming tasks.

In order to give employees and recruiters time to deal with all processes, their workflows must be smooth, optimized and highly responsive. Let’s talk about some common HR responsibilities that can be resolved through automation.

Selection / early recruitment of candidates

Recruitment agencies can optimize their search processes by using pre-completed forms to determine the level of experience, specific skills or qualifications to identify the most appropriate resume.

You can then automatically plan interviews, and your recruiters can spend their time identifying who is best positioned for the job, rather than constantly searching for a resume.

Management of contracts

As HR companies have two different types of clients – candidates and final clients – this means a double administrative load when it comes to contract management. The paperwork required to sign these contracts, as well as the emails, phone calls and other necessary communications, can be full-time work – and has little to do with the actual recruitment process.

More and more companies are implementing automation to optimize these workflows, from initial interactions to contract execution and information sharing.

Maximization of profits, minimization of operating expenses

As HR firms manage a similar customer base, similar customer contacts and use an almost identical approach, it is difficult to identify themselves from other firms in the market.

For many firms, this forces more focus on increasing profits and reducing costs where possible, and takes time and effort away from a more strategic and tactical approach that can help you differentiate from others. By integrating automation into your business, you can reduce operating expenses and increase your net profit.

Ability to work and retain recruiters

Working in an inflexible recruitment market today is extremely difficult, and the additional workload of administrative tasks does not make the job easier. In fact, recruiters spend all day on administrative tasks.

Automation can simplify much of this and allow recruiters to focus on the “staffing” side of their strategy.